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2016 GP Juniors Australian Road Racing Championship Calendar

Here is the calendar for the 2016 GP Juniors Australian Road Racing Championships.

Rd 1 April 9 – 10 Broadford, Vic (with VRRC)

Rd 2 June 18 – 19 Morgan Park, Qld  (with Southern Downs)

Rd 3 September 3 – 4  Wakefield Park, NSW (with St George MCC)

Rd 4  September 30 – Oct 1 Winton, Vic (with ASBK) It is great news that the final round of the GP Juniors Australia will be conducted alongside the final round of the YMF Australian Superbike Championship

November 5 –  Eastern Creek – South Circuit, NSW (with St George MCC). One off special event to celebrate 10 years of competition..

Testimonials From Graduates


Former junior racers in the series include;

Jack Miller, Ollie Simpson Mike Jones, Josh Hook, Daniel Falzon, Jed Metcher, Lachlan Epis, Troy Guenther, Kane Burns, Nic Liminton, Kyle Buckley and Lochie Taylor.

Put your name in the record books and move onto international racing like many of our graduates have done

Here are a few words from some of our successful graduates:

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The History of GP Juniors

The History

The Motorcycle Road Racing Development Association (MRRDA) was started in 2007 under the direction and management of Paul “Woody” Edwards.

With Honda and Red Bull quickly joining the team, the series was initially dedicated to the Honda CBR150’s which still to this day have been the mainstay of the series.  Other classes and bikes have been introduced such as the 70cc nippers, the 80cc 2 strokes and the Moto3 classes that have helped the series to become well-known and respected around the world as well as allow many of those junior riders to reach the heights of the sport both locally and internationally.

The close relationship with Red Bull has meant that the series has become a stepping stone into the Red Bull Rookies cup that runs alongside MotoGP. A series that has helped Aussie juniors such as Josh Hook and Olly Simpson establish themselves on the world scene.

More than just riding, the MRRDA has put a lot of effort into developing the riders off track skills such as Marketability, Attitude and Character.  All essential attributes of the successful modern racer.

Other names such as Jack Miller, Jed Metcher, Matt Barton, Mike Jones, Daniel Falzon and many others have all spent time developing their skills as riders in the MRRDA championship. 

The MRRDA Philosophy

Due to the commercial nature of top level motorcycle racing, to be a professional in the sport of Motorcycle racing these days requires the rider to be more than just a talented rider.  Successful riders now need to be super fit athletes, need to be able to market themselves, be mentally very strong and have something that makes them stand out from the crowd.  The MRRDA set out to ensure that Australian Junior racers, not only had a national series to race in, but somewhere that they could start to learn the other attributes of their chosen sport.

MRRDA officials have also been chosen to recgonise the requirements of dealing with riders and their parents.  Education involves the entire family. This has meant that the MRRDA has ensured that there is a rider Liaison at every event who can act on behalf of the rider and their parents with all interaction with officials. This has ensured that the series participants have recognised faces that they can turn too and know what sort of response they are going to get.

The training provided as part of the series not only looks at working with each rider as an individual to see where their riding can be improved, but also working with all participants on Marketability, attitude, character, fitness and technical setup. Thus ensuring that the series provides a real learning ground on all aspects of the modern day sport.

Welcome to GP Juniors Australia

GP Juniors Australia is a new name for what was the MRRDA (Motorcycle Road Racing Development Association ).

2016 makes the 10th year of competition for the successful series. There has been a lot happen in the past few months and this year will be spring-board for an expanding series with support from many areas.

First up was the name change from MRRDA to a more easily identifiable name; GP Juniors Australia.

The series will culminate with the final round held alongside the final round of the Australian Superbike Championship at Winton.