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GP Juniors Australia and GMC Cooyar Unite



GP Juniors Australia is extremely delighted to announce it will partner with Garry McCoy of GMC Cooyar to provide a training venue for aspiring road racers to learn their craft. This is a major development in the aims of GP Juniors Australia to establish nationwide training facilities to nurture and develop a new generation of road racing champions.

A training camp will be held at GMC Cooyar on 12th and 13th June. After coaching and practicing there on the dirt, GP Juniors Australia will relocate to Morgan Park Raceway with McCoy for two days of valuable training on the bitumen.

The opportunity to practice off-road at GMC Cooyar, combined with two day’s practice on bitumen with Garry will prepare the juniors well for the third round of the GP Juniors Cup, a part of the Motorcycle Sportsmen of Qld Southern Downs Road Race Series.

Only those that enter the third round of GP Juniors Australia during the weekend of 16th -17th June will be eligible to take part in this amazing opportunity.

For interested parties, that have the necessary licence, there is also the option of leasing a Yamaha R15 fitted with Bridgestone tyres from GP Juniors Australia, for the training and weekend’s racing.

An added bonus to the GP Juniors is that all this training will be free, thanks to GMC Cooyar, Dave Fuller from Advanced Rider Training and Motorcycle Sportsmen of Queensland! Standard club entry fees apply to enter the meeting.

GMC Cooyar is Garry McCoy’s private off-road training facility and is one of Australia’s largest motorcycle coaching and practice venues.  The 1800-acre property, 2.5 hours from Brisbane, features a natural terrain motocross track, speedway track, junior technical tracks and a fast and flowing flat track – all of which Garry has purposely designed for road racers to cross train on dirt.

Promotor of GP Juniors Australia, Mark Bracks is naturally excited at the prospect saying, “this is an excellent opportunity for GP Juniors Australia to work with Garry McCoy and opens an avenue that can benefit so many riders. I have been there a couple of times and it is a magnificent facility for riders of all levels and ages.”

“In his stellar 18-year racing career Garry won 125cc and 500cc Grands Prix as well as races in the Superbike World Championship. To have Garry passing on his skills and knowledge is invaluable” he said.

McCoy is equally pleased to welcome GP Juniors Australia to his Queensland training facility.  “When I was racing in Grand Prix’s I developed my own off-road tracks here for my off-season training. For road racers, the opportunity to cross train on dirt provides immense physical and mental benefits” McCoy said.

“Over recent years I’ve continued to develop my tracks and coaching venue here in Cooyar and I’m now thrilled to have this opportunity to work with Australia’s young talent and to share my tracks and experience with GP Juniors Australia” McCoy said.

For more information visit and

email: or or  phone 0488 257 188.




Ben Baker (27) leads Tom Edwards (71), Joel Kelso (obscured) John Lytras (308), Jack Cousens (34), Harry Khouri (04) Max Stauffer (obscured), Luke Power (97) and Reece Oughted (33). The field away. The top four didn’t get much further apart, in every race. Pic: Half Light Photography

The second round of the GP Juniors Cup was held at Winton Raceway last weekend (April 28-30) alongside the Australian Superbike Championship. The youngsters, who are aged from 12 to 15, put on an exceptionally dynamic and exciting exhibition of road racing, with the three races decided by closest margins of all 16 races, including the premier YMI Australian Superbike Championship category.

It is the inaugural year of the GP Juniors Cup and all competitors ride the dynamic Yamaha YZF R15  using Bridgestone as the control tyre to provide a very level playing field for the talent to shine through.

If MotoGP is the university of road racing, GP Juniors Australia is the pre-school where they commence the education to move through to the primary school class of the Supersport 300 and 600cc machines. The next step as they chase their dreams of success, is Superbikes senior school, before hopefully graduating to the world stage.

The boys love the new shirts and of course GP Juniors Australia! Front row (L-R) Luje Power, Reece Oughtred, Garry Khouri Back row: Max Stauffer, John Lytras, Jack Cousens, Ben Baker Pic: GP Juniors Australia.

Over the course of the weekend, the up and comers had three practice sessions on the Friday, two qualifying periods and one race on Saturday with two races on Sunday, and thankfully the weather was kind with good conditions all weekend.

The scene for action was set in qualifying as 12-year-old, Ben Baker, (Baker Racing) from the NSW Central Coast, claimed pole position from 13-year-old, Joel Kelso (JDS Racing/Deborah Motorsports. NT) by just 0.007 of a second with Tom Edwards (Enemies Everywhere/Newcaslte Supermoto/AlpineStars, NSW), the most experienced rider in the field at 15, with two years international racing in Asia under his belt, third.

They’re off! Pic: half Light Photography

Edwards’ experience is a fantastic benchmark for the kids to compare their progress and competitiveness as Tommy also competes in the cut-throat Hi-Tec Batteries Supersport 300 and YMF Yamaha R3 Cup classes. He is a front runner in both so it is good inspiration for his class-mates knowing they can compete with him in the one-make, one-tyre GP Juniors Cup

As the field charged off the line in the first race, the front row trio were joined by another 12-year-old, John Lytras (Caboolture Yamaha, Qld). The quartet soon became embroiled in a titanic duel, the lead changing at every one of the track’s corners, as riders went from first to fourth, and back again, from one corner to another.

A typical scene in any corner over the weekend. Lytras on th inside line from Kelso. Pic: half Light Photography

After the five laps was done, the four crossed the line with Edwards beating Kelso and

Lytras by 0.096 sec!  Baker lost the slipstreaming duel to the finish line by just 0.320 sec.

The other two races was more of the same, just more intense! In the next leg, Melbourne teenager, Jack Cousens JC’s Motorcycle Shop/TM Performance) joined in for a five-bike freight train with some monumentally close racing before the race was red-flagged as the final lap started. It was set for another cracking finish but exiting Spokes Turn Two, Jack and Joel Kelso had a coming together through the second corner, causing Cousins to crash. The race was taken back a lap with Lytras the winner from Kelso and Edwards, the trio 0.219 sec apart with Baker just 0.417 sec away, in fourth.

A teenage freight train Pic Russell Colvin

Jack Cousins getting into it Pic Half Light Photogrpahy

The final leg was another exceptional race, an almost carbon copy of the opening race the day before, with another four-way dog fight. The race was set for an another enthralling battle to the wire but Lytras crashed out, half way through the final lap exiting YMF Turn seven and split the leading quartet with Kelso dropping off the Edwards and Baker. The pair had a great charge tot he line to produce the closest finish of the weekend as Edwards beating his younger rival by an excruciating 0.012 sec!  Kelso finished third, five seconds adrift.

Pic: GP Juniors Australia.

Edwards won the weekend to increase his lead in the seven round series as Kelso and Lytras finished on even points, with Kelso getting the nod for third with his better result in the final leg with Baker fourth.

The total winning margin of the three races between first and second was a massive 0.225sec!  0.079, 0.131, 0.015, respectively. Additionally in two of the races, the total margin covering the top four was 0.956 sec;  0.320 and 0.636, respectively.

The front of the field may have been the centre of attention but the rest of the youngsters had some great duels among themselves. Max Stauffer, (Dyno 27/YRD) the son of  multiple Australian Superbike and Supersport Champion, Jamie Stauffer, was having his second attempt at road racing after his baptism in the atrocious conditions of Wakefield Park. He was involved in some excellent close quarter action with Harry Khouri (Excite Motorsport) their races also decided by tenths of a second.

Guess who? Pic Gp Juniors Australia.

Pic Half Light Photography


The class debutant for the round was Reece Oughtred, (Carl Cox Motorsport/Dynoverks, Vic) the son of another renown racer, Dean Oughtred and he proved to be another fast learner on the bitumen after contesting dirt track for a few years.

Twelve-year-old Luke Power (APT Wealth JDS Moto) was another dramatic improver as he rebuilds his confidence after a couple of recent crashes and continued to lower his lap times and was rewarded with a fifth place in the final race.

The growth in confidence and learning the idiosyncrasies of the craft of racing on bitumen was graphically demonstrated with the lesser experienced riders in the class with the lowering of the lap times by very substantial amounts during the weekend. (See accompanying table). The growth in confidence and learning the idiosyncrasies of the craft of racing on bitumen was graphically demonstrated with the lesser experienced riders in the class with the lowering of the lap times by very substantial amounts during the weekend. (See accompanying table). E veryone of them should feel very proud and satisfied with their individual improvement and proved that the lesser experienced road racers are extremely fast learners considering how many had not seen the track before, either.

Lap Times

# Rider Slowest lap Fastest Lap Improvement


Harry Khouri 2:08.674 1:49.979



Max Stauffer 1:57.041 1:49.905



Reece Oughtred 2:06.688 1:56.190



Jack Cousens 1:56.166 1:48.108



Joel Kelso 1:52.650 1:47.308



Tom Edwards 1:50.815 1:47.752



Ben Baker 1:49.961 1.47:713



Luke Power 2:06.062 1:54.070



John Lytras 1:53.343 1:47.309


This improvement may have something to do with what happened before official proceeding of riders briefing  took place on Saturday morning.

All riders attended a track walk with Jamie Stauffer who explained the most ideal way around the three kilometre layout. While the speed of the Yamaha R15 may be somewhat different to the pace that he is used to lapping the Winton track, his words of wisdom were invaluable.

Pic: GP Juniors Australia

Pic: GP Juniors Australia


Additionally, the coveted off-track prize, the AMCN MAC Award, for the attributes of Marketability, Attitude and Character was awarded to Joel Kelso. Three independent, and unknown, judges take note of the youngsters over the course of the weekend taking note of their marketability, attitude and character. He joins Jack Cousens who won the first round MAC Points award.

These attributes are very important to the philosophy of GP Juniors Australia because there is more to racing than just how a rider performs on track. It is also vitally important that all riders conduct themselves in a mature and intelligent manner off the track, as well as maintaining their personality and integrity.

Points are awarded at each round on a 5-4-3-2-1 basis for each rider, the final tally over the year to find the season’s winner. Australian Motor Cycle News is the sponsor of the award with the point-scores kept secret.

Joel was a very proud winer of the Mac Points for Round Two.

The second round of the GP Juniors cup was immensely successful with exceptional racing put on by a number of very talented youngsters. The crowd was enthralled at their antics so every one involved should feel very proud of the occasion.

The next round is at Morgan Park (Qld) on June 15-17 and it promises to be spectacular.



1 Tommy EDWARDS (NSW) 25 18 25 68

2 Joel KELSO (NT) 20 20 18 58

3 John LYTRAS (QLD) 18 25 15 58

4 Ben BAKER (NSW) 17 17 20 54

5 Harry KHOURI (NSW) 14 15 17 46

6 Luke POWER (VIC) 12 14 16 42

7 Reece OUGHTRED (VIC) 13 13 14 40

8 Max STAUFFER (NSW) 15 16   0 31

9 Jack COUSENS (VIC) 16   0 13 29


1 Tommy EDWARDS (NSW) 70 25 18 25 138

2 Joel KELSO (NT) 63 20 20 18 121

3 John LYTRAS (QLD) 56 18 25 15 114

4 Ben BAKER (NSW) 48 17 17 20 102

5 Luke POWER (VIC) 42 12 14 16   84

6 Max STAUFFER (NSW) 50 15 16   0   81

7 Harry KHOURI (NSW) 31 14 15  17   77

8 Jack COUSENS (VIC) 41 16   0  13   70

9 Reece OUGHTRED (VIC)   0 13  13 14   40