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GP Juniors at Sydney Motorsport Park this weekend

The next round of the GP Juniors Australian Road Racing Championships and GP Juniors Cup will take place this weekend (July 28) at SMSP Eastern Creek as part of the round promoted by the St George Motorcycle Club.

It will be a one day event made up of three races for the 70cc and 85cc two-stroke machines and also the Up to 160cc four-stroke class, as well as the GP Juniors Cup for the one-make, Yamaha YZF-R15 series.

It will be the first time that GP Juniors Australia participants will compete on the Grand Prix standard track at Eastern Creek and it is sure to have all the kids very excited about competing on the track that so many world champions have competed on.

Following the round in Sydney this weekend there will be three more rounds for the GP Juniors Cup, two of which will be held alongside the YMF Australian Superbike Championship presented by Pirelli and Motul.

The fourth round of the GP Juniors Cup is at Morgan Park (Qld) Aug 17-19) with entries closing August 3, so get those entries in!

.There is one more round for the Australian Junior Road Racing Championships that will be held at Broadford in late September.

Due to a number of reasons, we made the decision to not re-apply for the promoter’s position of the Australian Junior Road Racing Championships in 2019 and beyond.

GP Juniors Australia would like to wish every success to the future promoter, MotoStars and Damian Cudlin.

New Venue For Final Round & Update Supp Regs

GP Juniors Australia Final Round Replacement

The final round of the GP Juniors Cup and GP Juniors Australian Junior Road Racing Championships will be held alongside the Victorian Road Racing Championships at Broadford on 22-23 September and will be promoted by the Preston Motor Cycle Club.

The GP Juniors Cup, a competition for riders of ages 11 to under 15 years of age, all riding the dynamic Yamaha YZF-R15 using Bridgestone tyres, returns to a six-round championship after the earlier cancellation of the proposed final round.

It is a fitting replacement as the Preston Motorcycle Club has been a staunch supporter of junior road racing and junior development for many years.

The GP Juniors Cup is also showcased at three rounds of the Yamaha Motor Finance Australian Superbike Championships presented by Motul Pirelli (ASBK) with the next pairing set down for Morgan Park (Qld) on 17-19 August.

The Australian Junior Road Racing Championships that will be contested on the same weekend in September, at Broadford are also open for riders on two-stroke machines of 70cc and 85cc engine capacities for their own championships. The 70cc machines are raced by kids from ages 9 to 12 while the 85cc machines are for those of the same ages of those that race the 150cc four-stroke machines.

For updated Supplementary Regulations, including entry links Click Here.

2018 GP Juniors Australia and GP Juniors Cup_Supplementary Regulations_Version 3_9JULY18

Updated 2018 Supplementary Regulations

pastedGraphic_1.png pastedGraphic.png






Support Class Nippers 70cc and 150cc 4-stroke with 12” wheels

Australian Junior Road Racing Championship 85cc 2-stroke

Australian Junior Road Racing Championship Up to 160cc 4-stroke


Conducted under the jurisdiction of Motorcycling Australia

Version 2
24 May 2018

Updates in Green


GP Juniors Australia (GPJA) Calendar




GP Juniors Australia, in conjunction with the Australian Superbike Championship (ASBK), Preston MCC, Motorcycle Sportsmen of Queensland, Moto Stars, hereafter called the PROMOTERS, will conduct The GP Juniors Australia Series for Novice 70cc and 150cc four stroke with 12” wheels, Junior 2-stroke 85cc, Junior 4-stroke up to 160cc and the GP Juniors Cup on the following dates and at the above locations. All competitors are required to read the Supplementary Regulations for each round as issued by the Race Meeting promoter, refer to the links below in the entry details chart.


2.1 The above-mentioned meetings have been authorised by Motorcycling Australia and include all states that other rounds are held in, which have issued the Permit Numbers as listed in these Supplementary Regulations and are open to holders of a current Motorcycling Australia Junior National Competition Licences with the required endorsements only. Riders with licenses from Motorcycling New Zealand (MNZ) are eligible to enter, provided they have a valid Start Permission and the New Zealand equivalent of the required endorsement. An International Meeting Number (IMN) will be issued if a rider from a Federation other than MNZ wants to enter. Once an IMN is issued, all riders that do not hold a Motorcycling Australia licence will require a current FIM licence and a valid Start Permission from their Federation.2.2 The meetings will be held in accordance with the current General Competition Rules (GCR’s) contained in the 2018 Manual of Motorcycle Sport, these Supplementary Regulations, and any final instructions approved by Motorcycling Australia, or the relevant State Controlling Bodies (SCB). By entering these meetings all parties agree to comply with these rules, regulations, by-laws and instructions.


As per the table listing the details for each event.


4.1 The entry open and closing dates are listed below:

4.2 In the case of postponement or abandonment of a meeting, all or any part of the entry fee may be retained by the promoter, if such retention is approved by the Relevant Controlling Body (RCB).

4.3 Only entries received on the official entry form that is accompanied by the correct fee will be accepted.



5.1 The entry fee for each round will be advised in the Supplementary Regulations of the event promoter.

5.2 The entry for each round will advise of garage hire costs. Any additional fee for garages/carports will be a direct result of track requirements/costs.

pastedGraphic_4.png5.3 Payment methods as per the event promoters’ Supplementary Regulations.
5.4 Cheques and Money Orders are to be made payable to each event promoter as advised in the event entry forms.


The number of entry passes provided to each competitor will be advised in the entry forms for each event supplied by the event promoters.


7.1 National Personal Accident Scheme (as per GCR’s) provides basic cover for death and permanent disability.

7.2 Ambulance Insurance is compulsory for licensees.

It is strongly recommended that competitors give consideration to taking out weekly benefits insurance.


Professional Ambulance Services will be in attendance. Rounds with ASBK will have

Racesafe. Rd 2 Broadford (with VRRC) will have EMT medical services. Round at SMSP with St George will have Ambulance Service Australia.


9.1 Scrutineering will begin as per the Supplementary Regulations supplied by each event promoter.

9.2 Machines entered in the competition must have successfully passed a machine examination prior to taking part in practice, qualifying or racing. A decal will be placed on the front number plate to indicate that it has been successfully examined.

9.3 Current competition licenses and full riding gear must be presented at scrutineering. Eligibility checks can take place at any time during the meeting. Machines that suffer accident damage in practice, qualifying or race sessions must be re- examined before participating again.

9.4 In addition to supervising the pulling down and checking of machines after official protests have been received by the Clerk of Course in accordance with the GCRs, the Steward can order that any machine be measured and if this occurs the Scrutineer will supervise a team member to pull down any machine that has taken part in the event. Failure to comply with this regulation will result in this matter being referred to the Clerk of Course for further action.

9.5 Machines competing in GP Juniors Australia, Australian Junior Road Racing Championship classes will not be sealed for later checking after the event. All machines that are to be pulled down and scrutineered will take place at the circuit before the machine is released by the Scrutineer. A member of the rider’s team must be available at all times to carry out the strip down under the control of the Scrutineer. Failure to comply with this regulation will result in this matter being referred to the Clerk of Course for further action.

9.6 Please refer to the Appendix A: GP Juniors Cup Technical Specifications regarding the sealing of engines

9.7 Capacity and fuel testing may be utilised by the Scrutineer at any round to assist with machine eligibility.


10.1 Competitors are required to display two (2) Motorcycling Australia (MA) decals on the front screen with one on either side of the number plate

10.2 Competitors are required to display two (2) GP Juniors decals on the front screen with one on either side of the number plate

10.3 Competitors are required to display (2) GP Juniors decals on the fairings

10.4 Competitors are required to display a GP Juniors decal on their leathers. The two options are mid-back or front right shoulder.


11.1 Competitors are required to display two (2) Motorcycling Australia (MA) decals on the front screen with one on either side of the number plate.

11.2 Competitors are required to display two (2) GP Juniors decals on the front screen with one on either side of the number plate

11.3 Competitors are required to display (2) GP Juniors decals on the fairings

11.4 Competitors are required to display a GP Juniors decal on their leathers. The two options are mid-back or front right shoulder.

10.5 To be eligible for the GP Juniors Cup Grinning Dingo Pole Position Award, riders must display a “Grinning Dingo” sticker on either side of their fairing and on their helmet.


Novice Junior 2-stroke

Up to 70cc 2-stroke machines as per 2018 GCR’s. Competitors must be aged from 9 years to under 12 years as at January 1, 2018.

Up to 150cc four-stroke machines with 12-inch diameter wheels. Competitors must be aged from 9 to under 12 years as at January 1, 2018

Junior 85cc 2-stroke

Up to 85cc 2-stroke machines with 17-inch diameter wheels as per 2018 GCR’s. Competitors must be aged from 11 years to under 15 years as at January 1, 2018.

This class will constitute the GP Juniors Australian Road Racing Championship

Junior 160cc 4-stroke

Up to 160cc 4-stroke machines with 17-inch diameter wheels as per 2018 GCR’s. Competitors must be aged from 11 years to under 15 years as at January 1, 2018.

This class will constitute the GP Juniors Australian Road Racing Championship

GP Juniors Cup 

For 2018 the Yamaha R15 V2.0 150cc machine is the only machine eligible for competition in the GP Juniors Cup. Please refer to Appendix A: GP Juniors Cup Technical Specifications for machine eligibility.

Competitors must be aged from 11 years to under 15 years as at January 1, 2018.


13.1 To constitute a class for the purpose of gaining Championship status, the number of contestants entered and competing in each class shall be:

10 or more starters for Junior solo classes who actually participate in practice, qualifying, and races 

13.2 Should there be insufficient entries in any class of competition, the decision to run or cancel the class, or to combine events and re-distribute any awards and/or prizes, will be at the discretion of the GP Juniors Australia, the Promoting Club and subject to approval by the (RCB).


All starts will be by clutch. Where lights are in place, the start will be when the red light is extinguished. Where no lights are in place, the start will be by the raising of the Australian flag; as specified in Supplementary Regulations provided by the event promoters.

All race starts will be static grids. The position competitor qualifies is the gird position for all races.


As per the 2018 GCRs


Each class of competition shall participate in official practice, qualifying and racing. The final number of practice sessions, qualifying sessions and the length of the races will be advised in each Event Promotors’ Supplementary Regulations or Final Instructions.

Points score format will be as per 2018 GCRs
Ties on overall placing at all Rounds will be decided as per 2018 GCRs 

Ties in overall series results will be decided as per 2018 GCRs 

16.1 MAC POINTS. MAC stands for Marketability, Attitude and Character. Points will be awarded to junior participants who demonstrate these qualities to promote the appropriate sporting behaviour in-line with a professional career in motorcycle racing.
The points will be awarded on a 3-2-1 basis by three independent GPJA appointed judges who will be anonymous. They will judge participants on the above criteria. Judges will be appointed at each round and will remain anonymous. MAC points do not effect series points.


The timetable for each individual round will be notified in the Final Instructions

For the purpose of drug and alcohol testing, the commencement of the meeting will be deemed to be 7:00 AM, with the completion of the meeting being when the participant has vacated the venue at the conclusion of the race meeting.


Trophies will be awarded to the top three point scorers in each class (excluding MACs points). Awards will be based on accumulative point scores for each class of competition.

Series award will be presented at the conclusion of the final round.

Motorcycling Australia will provide Championship medallions for 85cc 2-stroke GP Juniors Australian Road Racing Championship and 160cc 4-stroke GP Juniors Australian Road Racing Championship, if the number of competitors comply with 13.1.

From Round Three there will be the GP Juniors Cup Grinning Dingo Pole Position award of $200. To be eligible riders must have a Grinning Dingo sticker on either side of their bike and helmet.


Presentation of awards for each Round shall take place after the final event of that particular Round.


20.1 All machines entered must comply with the current GCRs for Junior Road Race competition

20.2 Multiple entry of the one machine in the same class of competition is not permitted

20.3 Any machine may be inspected during the event to ensure its legality at the GP Juniors Australia promotor’s discretion

20.4 Any change of machine must be requested through the Race Secretary and approved by the Clerk of Course at least 60 minutes prior to the race commencing. Spare machines must have been scrutineered

20.5 Only in the event of crash damage or major engine failure occurring, when the rider has no other machine, leasing a machine through GP Juniors is allowed if equipment is available.


21.1 Wherever possible, competitors will be allocated their preferred riding number. All others will be allocated numbers at the GPJA’s discretion. Competitors may register a number with the GPJA prior to the commencement of the series on This registration will ensure that the registered number will be issued for each round in all States. GPJA registered numbers will be given preference where possible.

21.2 All number plates on all machines MUST comply with the GCRs and must not contain any decals or advertising other than the required MA decal.


Grid positions for all races in each class will be determined by official qualifying. The Clerk of the Course may re-grid a rider for safety reasons. The grids will be static.

A riders’ briefing will be held prior to the commencement of practice and racing, which ALL competitors and a parent/guardian must attend.

Details will be included in the final instructions issued by each Event Promoter.


Any parent or guardian who is not attending the race meeting with their child must nominate a temporary guardian by completing the temporary guardian form available on A copy of this must be sent to the promoter ( and Motorcycling Australia (


Rd 1 – Wakefield Park Raceway is a bitumen sealed circuit with a track length of 2.2km, all racing will be in a clockwise direction

Rd 2 – Broadford State Motorcycle Complex is a bitumen sealed circuit with a track length of 2.16km, all racing will be in a clockwise direction

Rd 3 – Sydney Motorsport Park is a bitumen sealed circuit with a track length of 4.45km, all racing will be in an anti clockwise direction

Rd 4 – Morgan Park Raceway is a bitumen sealed circuit with a track length of 2.96km, all racing will be in a clockwise direction

Rd 5 – Winton Motor Raceway is a bitumen sealed circuit with a track length of 3.0 km, all racing will be in a clockwise direction

Rd 6 – Port Macquarie Go Kart Track – Track details to be added


Rd 1 – Toowoomba – Track Details to be added

Rd 2 – Broadford State Motorcycle Complex is a bitumen sealed circuit with a track length of 2.16km, all racing will be in a clockwise direction

Rd 3 – Albury Go Kart Track – Track details to be added

Rd 4 – Sydney Motorsport Park is a bitumen sealed circuit with a track length of 4.45km, all racing will be in an anti clockwise direction

Morgan Park Raceway is a bitumen sealed circuit with a track length of 2.96km, all racing will be in a clockwise direction

Rd 5 – Port Macquarie Go Kart Track – Track details to be added


All competitors will be required to attend a track walk as instructed. The inspection must be done on foot and competitors are reminded that service vehicles may be in operation on the circuit at this time.

Competitors who are not satisfied with any aspects of the track can present these concerns to the Clerk of Course if those concerns cannot be resolved, the competitor will be invited to withdraw from the meeting.


Facilities available at each round will be advised in the Final Instructions released by the event promoter

28. NOISE 

All machines must comply with the relevant GCR.

Noise testing may take place at any time at the discretion of the Chief Scrutineer or the Clerk of Course. Refer to Chapter 9 in the 2018 Manual of Motorcycle Sport for details.

29. TYRES 

29.1 Tyres for Nippers, Juniors 2-stroke and Juniors 4-stroke are as per MoMS 9.29.2

29.2 Tyres for GP Juniors Cup will be of a controlled nature with one brand, make and model approved for competition. Please refer to the Appendix A: GP Juniors Cup Technical Specifications regarding tyres.

29.3 Tyre warmers for GP Juniors Cup will be permitted. Wet weather tyres are not permitted.

29.4 The one set of tyres to be used for the GP Juniors Cup during the Race Meeting are required to be marked, and recorded, by GP Juniors Australia prior to official practice commencing. Tyre stickers will be supplied at Round 3 with St. George MCC.


A complete list of technical specifications accompany these Supplementary Regulations in Appendix A


31.1 All competitors, team managers, mechanics, officials and support personnel are advised that drug testing may take place in accordance with MA’s Anti-Doping Policy, as carried out by the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority. Refer the 2018 GCRs.

31.2 If any doubt exists over banned substances it is recommended competitors, team managers, mechanics or officials contact the Drugs in Sport Hotline on 1800 020 506 or visit When drug testing takes place, the payment of prize money may be delayed by MA until the results of the tests are known. Check the anti-doping list often as it is updated regularly.


All competitors, team managers, mechanics, officials and support personnel are advised that random breath-testing may take place throughout the round. Refer to the 2018 GCRs for details.

The carrying or consumption of alcoholic beverages in the paddock, pits or pit lane areas is prohibited.


All competitors, mechanics, officials, parents and support crew are reminded of MA’s Code of Conduct contained within MA’s Member Protection Policy, found at, which is a guide to appropriate behavior at all motorcycle race meetings. The Code of Conduct applies to this series and will be enforced.


All riders should have a minimum 2kg, dry powder A:B (E) class, working fire extinguisher in their pit area.


All competitors, mechanics, officials, parents and support crew are reminded of MA’s Electronic Communications and Social Media Policy, found at, which sets out a framework for acceptable online behavior where communications involve fellow MA members, volunteers, officials, coaches, sponsors, partners, staff and any other connected persons.


Admission prices for each round will be notified in the Final Instructions released by the event promoter.


37.1 Body Piercing: Any body piercing must be removed or covered with tape.
37.2 Hair longer than shoulder length must be tied up and/or tucked inside helmet or leathers.


It is compulsory that Juniors must wear ear protection inside their racing helmet while on track. This is for their own benefit, as prolonged exposure to loud noises may cause hearing loss. This will be enforced.

pastedGraphic_5.png pastedGraphic_6.pngpastedGraphic_1.png

Appendix A: GP Juniors Cup Technical Specifications

2018 GP Juniors Cup

Technical Specifications


1.1  Current specification Yamaha R15 V2.0 machines only.

1.2  A competitor can only present one machine for scrutineering. It is the intention that this machine be used for the entire duration of the event.

1.3  Only in the event of crash damage or major engine failure occurring, the Technical Director may give permission for a spare machine to be used if the competitor’s primary machine cannot be repaired safely in the available time. This machine will need to be scrutineered prior to competing in the next race.

1.4  Any additional modifications not outlined below are prohibited, unless authorised by the Chief Technical Officer

1.5  All machines must be fitted with Australian Design Rule (ADR) compliance plates for that particular machine.

1.6  All machines entered must comply with the current Manual of Motorcycle Sport for Road Racing competition and any additional requirement as listed below.


2.1  The control tyres from Bridgestone are as follows 90/80-17 BT39SS FRONT
100/80-17 BT39SS FRONT 130/70-17 BT39 REAR

Tyres are readily available nationally through retailers however they may be purchased through GP Juniors Australia at a discounted rate. Contact Mark Bracks – 0488 257 188 |

2.2  As per class rules. Slick tyres are not permitted

2.3  Wet-weather type tyres are prohibited.

2.4  The use of tyre warmers is permitted


The following must be removed:

a) Head lamp,

b) Tail lamp,
c) Reflectors,
d) Horn,
e) Traffic indicators, f) Mirrors,

g) Side stand,
h) Registration plate / bracket and label holder,

i) Passenger footrests.


4.1 The following is provided in the race kit however if replacement is required other manufacturers variants may be used provided the specification is the same as the kit part provided or otherwise specified;

a) Cowling, screen, rear body work and seat section, mudguards and tank covers. (Make and specification as supplied in race kit only),
b) Spark plug type,
c) External gearing and chain, (but not chain pitch).

d) Brake pads, and brake hoses,
e) Exhaust system, (Make and specification as supplied in race kit only),
f) Handlebars, handlebar ends and grips,
g) Footrests and foot controls, (Make and specification as supplied in the race kit only),
h) Rear race stand locating lugs, (Make and specification as supplied in race kit only),
i) Engine and gearbox breather tubes and the radiator bottle overflow must exhaust into the air box to the rear of the intakes. The lower air box breather tubes must be blocked.

4.2 The following may be removed:

a) OEM top rear chain guard,

b) Left handlebar switch.


5.1 The following may be added:

a) Frame protective sliders,

b) Front brake lever protectors


6.1 Engine case protectors (Make and specification as supplied in race kit only)


7.1 All electronic control units remain the property of GP Juniors Australia, Motorcycling Australia and Yamaha

7.2 All ECUs are to remain standard. No “flashing” is permitted

7.3 The promotor has the right to change ECUs at any time, including between different bikes. The promoter has the right to inspect any ECU for modification at any time

7.4 No manual adjustments are allowed to advance the firing of the cylinder to increase performance

7.5 All machines entered must comply with the current Manual of Motorcycle Sport for Road Racing competition (Chapter 10)

7.6 The Yamaha R15 is to remain completely standard as delivered with necessary modifications for racing as detailed in the MoMS. Refer to the class technical specification sheet for machine eligibility

7.7 Standard OEM wiring harness must be retained and operative


8.1 Lap timers and data recording units are prohibited.

8.2 All nuts bolts and fasteners including axle and swing arm pivot bolts must remain as per OEM specification. Any change to OEM material used is prohibited.

8.3 Other than for safety lock wiring as per the GCR’s, drilling of bolts is prohibited.

8.4 Standard OEM ECU must be retained and re-flashing of the ECU is prohibited. Note: Any rider competing in the R15 GP Junior Cup may be requested to exchange ECUs before or between races, at the discretion of the Technical Director or Series Chief Scrutineer.

8.5 OEM wiring harness and instruments must be retained and any modification is prohibited. The software program of any ECU may be checked in the presence of the rider/owner at any time before, during and after the races.

8.6 Removal of intake snorkel or modification of the air cleaner housing including lid is prohibited

8.7 Additional modifications to the ignition, fuel or induction systems are prohibited. These systems must remain as originally manufactured by the OEM.

8.8 Plug-in fuel metering devises are prohibited.

8.9 Engine or transmission modifications are prohibited. Engine and transmission must remain as manufactured by the OEM.

8.10 Front and rear suspension must be as per OEM specification and any modifications are prohibited. Note: Front fork oil “level” and viscosity can be changed.

8.11 Any modification to the chassis, swing arm or suspension linkage is prohibited.

8.12 Transmission speed shifters are prohibited.

8.13 Any modification to the cooling system is prohibited.

8.14 Removal or modification of any components or parts other than what is specified in the class rules is prohibited.

8.15 The electric starter motor must be retained and functional.

8.16 OEM hard parts must be used for the purpose of reconditioning the machines engine or chassis.

8.17 The right handlebar switch incorporating the engine cut and starter switch must be retained and functional.

8.18 OEM Air Induction System must be retained and functional.

8.19 OEM specification battery must be retained.

8.20 OEM triple clamps and steering head bearings must be retained.

8.21 Wheels must be as OEM supplied.

8.22 Front and Rear disc’s must be as OEM supplied.

8.23 Front and Rear brake master cylinders must be as OEM supplied.

8.24 Front and Rear brake callipers must be as OEM supplied.



It is with regret that GP Juniors Australia advises Round 3 of the GP Juniors Cup/Round 4 of GPJA (70cc, 85cc, 160cc) scheduled for Morgan Park Raceway, QLD as part of the Southern Downs Championship, 22-23 June has been changed. The round will be moved to Sydney Motorsport Park with St. George Motorcycle Club on 28 July.

GP Juniors Australia classes (70cc, 85cc and 160cc) and the GP Juniors Cup will run in the same races. Official schedule is TBC, however it is anticipated juniors will received three races, in addition to practice and qualifying. Entries are now open via

Round 6 of GP Juniors Cup/Round 5 of GPJA (70cc, 85cc, 160cc) scheduled for Port Macquarie Kart Track, NSW with MotoStars, 22-23 September has been cancelled. At this stage a replacement round is being sourced and competitors will be notified of further updates. The cancellation of this round may result in the conclusion of the GPJA (70cc, 85cc, 160cc) season at Round 4, pending a replacement round.

The GP Juniors Cup Round 4 – Morgan Park Raceway with ASBK, 17-19 August and Round 5 – Winton Motor Raceway with ASBK, 7-8 September will continue as scheduled. Round 5 at Winton Motor Raceway may become the final round of the GP Juniors Cup season, pending a replacement round for Round 6. Entries will be opening soon via

Please refer to the Supplementary Regulations – Version 2 for the updated information.

GP Juniors Australia would like to apologise for the late notice and thank everyone for their patience and understanding.

GP Juniors Cup Set for First Round of 2018

Alongside the Australian Superbike Championship (ASBK) at Wakefield Park, this weekend, will be the opening round of the GP Juniors Cup for the youngest bracket of rising star riders, aged from 11-15 years.

It is the second year of the GP Juniors Cup where all competitors ride the dynamic Yamaha YZF-R15 150cc machine, all using the very same Bridgestone BT38 treaded road tyres to ensure a level playing field and to allow the individual’s talent to shine through.

The class has already shown its merits in unearthing new talent, as two of the stars from last year will be competing overseas in 2018. The 2017 GP Juniors Cup Champion, Tommy Edwards has secured a ride in the Supersport 300cc World Championship, that is held alongside the European rounds of the Superbike World Championship.14-year-old Joel Kelso, who is a definite star on the rise, will be competing in the talent stacked Italian Moto3 Championship for Grand Prix specification machines.

While the pair may have vacated the series, it has opened up the way for others to shine, most notably 13-year-old John Lytras, who hails from Caboolture on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland.

Lytras finished second in the six round series last year, and as he displayed on numerous times last year, he has no time for reputations, going wheel-to-wheel and elbow-to-elbow with the much older, and more experienced, Edwards, at every outing

Lytras will be one of the favourites for GP Juniors Cup glory, but he will have to be on his game as there are many others nipping at his heels, the most notable another 13-year-old in Harry Khouri from Richmond and Max Stauffer from the Hunter Valley.

Unlike many in the class, Khouri has proven that you don’t need experience in dirt track racing to make an impact, as last year was his first year of actually racing, bypassing the somewhat traditional path of dirt track. He has proven to be a very fast learner and will be right in the thick of it this weekend, around the technical Wakefield Park layout.

Stauffer is a rider from the dirt track ranks and is another on the rise as he improves at every outing. The son of multi Australina champion, Jamie Stauffer he certainly has the genes to go a long way and will no doubt be another ready to rub elbows out on track.

There will be many others aiming to make a name for themselves with Zylas Bunting from the NSW North Coast. Bunting is one that will be battling the leaders every lap of the three races over the weekend.

Additionally, there will be a number of debutants in the class with dreams of carving out a career in road racing, to follow in the tracks of many notables like Casey Stoner and Jack Miller.

Practice for the GP Juniors Cup will take place on Friday with qualifying and a race on Saturday with two races for the Junior rising stars on Sunday. Tickets for the first round of the GP Juniors Cup can be found at


2017 Season Review Part One

With 2017 preparing to disappear into history, it is a fitting time to look back on what has been a breakthrough season for GP Juniors Australia. This year was a quantum leap for junior road racing in Australia and has provided an encouraging foundation for 2018 and beyond.

The first major development for 2017 was the inauguration of the GP Juniors Cup, with a one make series reintroduced after a gap of nearly a decade, the series contested by kids from 12 to under 16 years of age.

Yamaha Motor Australia stepped in to expand its major support of domestic racing with the Yamaha YZF-R15 the bike of choice for the GP Juniors Cup and Bridgestone also became a part of GP Juniors Australia with all the bikes using the Japanese company’s BT 39 treaded road tyre as the control rubber for 2017.

While these little machines do not have the outright top speed of the two stroke machines that have been the bike of choice in recent years, the competitiveness of all riders on the same machine and same tyres play a big part in unearthing the vast talent pool of young riders that this country continues to produce.

Motorcycling Australia was also a big part of the GP Juniors Australia in 2017 and made room for three rounds of the GP Juniors Cup to be held alongside the premier categories of the Yamaha Motor Finance Australian Superbike Championships. Additionally there were another three rounds for the GP Juniors Cup held with various clubs as well as three rounds for the 85cc and 70cc capacity machines in GP Juniors Australia.

Without doubt it has been a major success as in recent years the 150cc four-stroke class has had only two or three riders competing regularly in GP Juniors Australia, however, with the re-introduction of the one make series the numbers have increased by a whopping 500%!

A major reason for such a dramatic increase in numbers was the price of the bikes. At just $4690 for a Yamaha YZF-R15, with the race kit fitted and a further $246 for the Bridgestone tyres – if purchased through GP Juniors Australia – the cost is remarkable for a youngster to enter the world of road racing compared to the expense incurred with the traditional GP-style, two-stroke machines, that often require extra maintenance when compared to the reliability of the little Yamaha 150cc machines.

Also there are a fleet of bikes available for lease through GP Juniors Australia, a further enticement for families from as far away as North Queensland and Darwin that alleviates the expense of transporting their own bikes over vast distances to various events.

Another feature that was reintroduced in 2017 was the MAC points award that is awarded at each round and sponsored by AMCN. The award is for a rider that demonstrates attributes off the track that include Marketability, Attitude and Character.

If MotoGP is the university of road racing, the aim of GP Juniors Australia is to be the pre-school where they commence the education to move through to the primary school class of the Supersport 300 and 600cc machines as they chase their dreams of success with the next step Superbike senior school before, hopefully, graduating to the world championships.

GP Juniors Australia received excellent exposure through the press during the year with plenty of column inches in regional papers where the racing was held as well as valuable air time on TV news bulletins added to the coverage received at the ASSBK rounds through the live streaming that was introduced this year.

So let’s take a look at how the season unfolded.


The first outing for the new look cup was in March at Wakefield Park near Goulburn (NSW) as part of the program for round two of the YMF Australian Superbike Championship, with a good mix of experienced and novice riders taking part,

The most experienced of these was15-year-old, Tommy Edwards (Enemies Everywhere/Newcaslte Supermoto/AlpineStars, NSW), from Newcastle (NSW). Tom returned to Australia in 2017 after a couple of years in Asia, with the pinnacle competing in the 2016 Asia Talent Cup. Others involved were the little blood nut from Darwin, Joel Kelso (JDS Racing/Deborah Motorsports. NT) on one of themeless bikes while the likes of Max Stauffer (Dyno 27/YRD), Ben Baker (Baker Racing) from the NSW Central Coast and John Lytras (Caboolture Yamaha) had a ton of dirt track experience with Stauffer having the advantage of his Dad, Jamie Stauffer who has won multiple Australian titles on the dirt and tar on hand to assist.

Edwards’ experience proved to be a benchmark for all the others to compare their progress throughout the year and was of a great benefit to everyone. He didn’t have it all his own way as the youngsters gave as good as they received in some very intense battles thought the year.


Front row (L-R) Luke Power, Reece Oughtred, Harry Khouri Back row: Max Stauffer, John Lytras, Jack Cousens, Ben Baker Pic: GP Juniors Australia.

However the weather had a major impact on the proceedings as every practice and qualifying session as well as the three, six-lap races were hampered by extremely wet conditions.

In fact, the youngsters faced the toughest of the conditions of any of the class as it seemed that every time the kids donned the helmets the heavens opened but they acquitted themselves remarkably well and accounted for the least number of crashes of all the classes throughout the weekend.

As expected there were many nervous eyes of the mums, dads and kids looking skywards as the first race approached. It was a very tentative start for the field as they headed out for the first race of the series on the Yamaha YZF-R15s in the extremely sketchy conditions with the track both wet and dry in parts.

Edwards experience shone through as he left them standing from the start and Kelso finished second with Lytras a further nine seconds behind in third. Young Jack Cousens (JC’s Motorcycle Shop/TM Performance) from Melbourne was up there fighting for a minor place but got a bit too excited and crashed around the half way point but gallantly remounted to grab some well earned points while one with little racing experience Harry Khouri was another casualty

Although the heavens opened just before the start of race two, the field was a lot closer as the confidence grew and Kelso Edwards and Lytras had a great duel in the opening laps with the trio locked together as they left the grid. Edwards led the first lap by just 0.002 from Lytras and Kelso third as they swapped the lead many times with a few slides to each rider thrown in to keep them further on their toes, however a big moment for Lytras on the third lap saw him drop of the bunch to remain in a lonely third. Meanwhile,12-year old Ben Baker and Stauffer were in close proximity the entire race in the battle for fourth.

Kelso won the race from Edwards by just 0.059 sec with Lytras third who managed a comfortable gap a gap over Baker and Stauffer with the pair crossing ht line side-by-side Baker claiming fourth by an extremely tight margin

The final race of the weekend was in the worst conditions of any of the classes, but again, the future stars put on excellent displays of riding.

When it was all over, as expected, the experience of Edwards shone through as he was victorious winning bthe final leg by a comprehensive margin. Cousens was up there in second for a couple of laps but a couple of near misses was enough for him to back it off a little. Lytras held onto second place from a fast finishing Kelso with Stauffer less than half a second away in fourth

The first outing for the GP Juniors Cup proved the concept was a winning and also highlighted that the season ahead was going to produce some very entertaining racing.


They’re off at Winton (Vic). Pic: Half Light Photography


The second round of the GP Juniors Cup was held at Winton Raceway on April 28-30 again with the ASBK however, unlike Wakefield a few weeks previously, thankfully the weather was kind with good conditions all weekend allowing the youngsters to put on an exceptionally dynamic and exciting exhibition of road racing.

The three races were decided by the closest margins of all 16 races during that ASBK weekend, including the premier YMI Australian Superbike Championship category, proving that the one make series with the Yamaha R15 was the correct choice for competition.

The scene for action was set in qualifying as 12-year-old, Ben Baker, claimed pole position from 13-year-old, Joel Kelso by just 0.007 of a second with Tom Edwards

As the field charged off the line in the first race, the front row trio were joined by another 12-year-old, John Lytras. The quartet soon became embroiled in a titanic duel, the lead changing at every one of the track’s corners, as riders went from first to fourth, and back again, from one corner to another.

After the five laps was done, the four crossed the line with Edwards beating Kelso and Lytras by 0.096 sec as Baker lost the slipstreaming duel to the finish line by just 0.320 sec.

The other two races was more of the same, just more intense! In the next leg, Melbourne teenager, Jack Cousens joined in for a five-bike freight train with some monumentally close racing before the race was red-flagged as the final lap started. It was set for another cracking finish but exiting Spokes Turn Two, Jack and Joel Kelso had a coming together through the second corner, causing Cousins to crash. The race was taken back a lap with Lytras the winner from Kelso and Edwards, the trio 0.219 sec apart with Baker just 0.417 sec away, in fourth.

The final leg was another exceptional race, an almost carbon copy of the opening race the day before, with another four-way dog fight. The race was set for an another enthralling battle to the wire but Lytras crashed out, half way through the final lap exiting YMF Turn seven and split the leading quartet with Kelso dropping off the Edwards and Baker. The pair had a great charge to the line to produce the closest finish of the weekend as Edwards beat his younger rival by an excruciating 0.012 sec!  Kelso finished third, five seconds adrift.

The total winning margin of the three races between first and second was a massive 0.225sec!  0.079, 0.131, 0.015, respectively. Additionally in two of the races, the total margin covering the top four was 0.956 sec;  0.320 and 0.636, respectively.

An interesting sidelight of the Winton meeting was the dramatic improvement in the lap times by some of the kids

The front of the field may have been the centre of attention but the rest of the youngsters had some great duels among themselves. Max Stauffer, was having his second attempt at road racing after his baptism in the atrocious conditions of Wakefield Park. He was involved in some excellent close quarter action with Harry Khouri (Excite Motorsport) their races also decided by tenths of a second.


Guess who? Pic Gp Juniors Australia.






In June Round three of the GP Juniors headed to Queensland’s Morgan Park as part of the Southern Downs Road Race Series presented by the Motorcycle Sportsmen Club, and also featured the first round of the other classes in GP Juniors Australia for the 70cc and 85cc two-stroke machines.

Before we all arrived there, a special event was conducted a couple of hours away at Cooyar.

GP legend Garry McCoy had invited the participants of GP Juniors Australia to his magnificent 1800 acre property for two days of coaching and advice from the master himself.

Although it was during the school term, it was too good an offer to refuse so a number of the youngsters and their families took part in the exercise and camped overnight with Garry putting on a BBQ for dinner and also a hearty breakfast. All gained valuable information and tips to assist them in their development, no matter the levels of experience that was put into practice a couple of days later at Morgan Park where McCoy also attended to give further advice and guidance.

The entire week at Cooyar and at Morgan Park was a re

sounding success with the youngsters demonstrating remarkable skills in very testing conditions, particularly on Saturday. The way they handled the conditions was not doubt helped by what was taught to them on McCoy’s excellent training facility. as they learnt about sliding and front wheel control on the dirt in slippery conditions.

His efforts did’t go unnoticed by all who took part and for him to offer his time and expertise for nothing is ample demonstration of the passion he holds for passing on his knowledge to others. A massive thank you to him.

Also due a massive “thank you” is the Motorcycle Sportsmen Club as well as Motorcycling Queensland. Because of the numbers, the 70cc machines – that are raced by 9 -11 years old – were combined with the 85cc two- strokes and also the GP Juniors Cup Yamaha R-15, 150cc machines. As such, the spread of ages contravened what is laid down in the MoMS, but thankfully an exception was allowed for the 11year-olds of the 70cc to compete with their older peers, and what a display they all put on. The riding expertise of these young kids had to be seen to be appreciated and, on track, they conducted themselves brilliantly

Over the combined three classes, 14 kids, ranging in age from 11 to 15-years-old took part in four races over the two days with conditions on Saturday so bad that a number of races were postponed due to the deluge that swamped the track however the opening race was held on a very wet track before proceedings were halted. The riders handled the conditions with great dexterity and in some cases a lot better than their senior contemporaries, their skills belying their tender years.

The racing was very competitive in all races and all the conditions with close battles throughout the field with the weather allowing a number of riders in shine. A number of newcomers to GP Juniors Australiasuch as Tristan Adamason Zak Pettendy and Zylas Bunting demonstrated their fast learning skills as well as the talent they possess that will make them a force in the future.

Series leader, Tom Edwards from Newcastle (NSW) increased his lead over his rivals taking three wins, but it was newcomer,  Adamson from the Gold Coast, who impressed the most on his debut in the class, taking out the very wet first leg l – and celebrated a birthday at the same time – to claim second overall from the rapidly improving Lytras, third overall.

Tom also took out the Australian Motor Cycle news MAC award which is for conduct off the track with Marketability, Character and Attitude the three attributes that are judged by three different people.

“It’s been a fantastic week here,” explained Edwards at the time. “We have all learnt so much with Garry and other coaches plus racing around this place is so much fun. To win the Mac Award means a lot, too”

Zylas Bunting won the 85cc class after favourite Tom Browne crashed out of the second leg while in a commanding lead. Ben Baker was third after competing on both the GP Juniors Cup before he decided to ride his two-stroke machine in the final leg.

In the 70cc class for the youngest of the competitors, Harrison Voight demonstrated that he is a definite star of the future as he was victorious with three wins and a third from Joshua Hall and Glenn Nelson.


A typical scene in any corner during the year. 12-year-old Lytras on the inside line from 14-year-old, Kelso. Pic: Half Light Photography

The GP Juniors Cup  Heads to Morgan Park

The third round of the inaugural 2017 GP Juniors Cup will take place alongside the first round of Southern Downs Road Racing Championships at the recently resurfaced Morgan Park track this weekend (June 17-18) in Queensland, and it is shaping up as another exciting outing for the youngsters.

Before racing starts, competitors will partake in four days of coaching at the property of three-time MotoGP winner, Garry McCoy. McCoy has a sprawling 1800 acre, purpose built training facility, near Warwick, the Garry McCoy Coaching establishment at Cooyar. Some of the youngsters will be taking up his offer of free coaching on the Tuesday and Wednesday before they reconvene at Morgan Park for a further two days of professional instruction.

The opening round of this historic new racing series was conducted in atrociously wet conditions at Wakefield Park (NSW) in March, with the second round at Winton Raceway (VIC) at the end of April. Hopefully, the weather shines on these young up-and-coming racers at Morgan Park, who are chasing their dreams to follow in the footsteps of many great riders before them.

Series leader Tom “Tom-E-Gun” Edwards from Swansea (NSW) will be keen to stretch his lead in the GP Juniors Cup. The 15-year-old has a lot more experience than the rest of the field as in 2016 he competed in the ultra-competitive Asia Talent Cup, contested on standard Honda 250cc Moto 3 machines, a stepping stone into the European Championship and Grand Prix World Championships. His experience provides a perfect benchmark for the others to judge their progress throughout the seven round series that culminates at the final round in South Australia in late November.

Edwards explained; “I am really looking forward to Morgan Park and seeing if we can improve on what we did at Winton. The GP Juniors Cup is a great series to be a part of and there are a lot of good riders in there so I will have to be on my game to win all three races. Hopefully, it will be dry for the entire weekend, but saying that, riding on the control tyre, I learnt a lot in the wet conditions of Wakefield Park in getting the feedback from the tyres.”

“I am also really looking forward to receiving coaching and tips from Garry McCoy. He is one of my all-time heroes and one of Australia’s greatest riders, so it is going to be very special to be getting some tips from someone like him. This is so exciting and it is what makes GP Juniors Australia the special race series that it is.”

There will be some great duels throughout the field as the teenagers gain more experience and understanding of the complexities of road racing. One in the field who has a wealth of experience in his corner is Max Stauffer, the son of multiple Australian Superbike Champion, Jamie Stauffer. For Max this will be his third road race after learning his craft in dirt-track racing where he won an Australian Championship.

Over the course of the weekend there will be two free practice sessions on Friday, while on Saturday there will be two qualifying sessions and one race on Saturday with two races on Sunday. Featuring at the round will also be 70cc and 85cc two-stroke classes with one of the racers a young Queensland girl, Taylah Morris joining the likes of regular class competitors, Tom Browne, from Toowoomba, and brothers, Travis and Joshua Hall, who also hail from Queensland.


1 Tommy EDWARDS (NSW) 138

2 Joel KELSO (NT) 121

3 John LYTRAS (QLD) 114

4 Ben BAKER (NSW) 102

5 Luke POWER (VIC)   84

6 Max STAUFFER (NSW)   81

7 Harry KHOURI (NSW)   77

8 Jack COUSENS (VIC)   70

9 Reece OUGHTRED (VIC)   40




GP Juniors Australia and GMC Cooyar Unite



GP Juniors Australia is extremely delighted to announce it will partner with Garry McCoy of GMC Cooyar to provide a training venue for aspiring road racers to learn their craft. This is a major development in the aims of GP Juniors Australia to establish nationwide training facilities to nurture and develop a new generation of road racing champions.

A training camp will be held at GMC Cooyar on 12th and 13th June. After coaching and practicing there on the dirt, GP Juniors Australia will relocate to Morgan Park Raceway with McCoy for two days of valuable training on the bitumen.

The opportunity to practice off-road at GMC Cooyar, combined with two day’s practice on bitumen with Garry will prepare the juniors well for the third round of the GP Juniors Cup, a part of the Motorcycle Sportsmen of Qld Southern Downs Road Race Series.

Only those that enter the third round of GP Juniors Australia during the weekend of 16th -17th June will be eligible to take part in this amazing opportunity.

For interested parties, that have the necessary licence, there is also the option of leasing a Yamaha R15 fitted with Bridgestone tyres from GP Juniors Australia, for the training and weekend’s racing.

An added bonus to the GP Juniors is that all this training will be free, thanks to GMC Cooyar, Dave Fuller from Advanced Rider Training and Motorcycle Sportsmen of Queensland! Standard club entry fees apply to enter the meeting.

GMC Cooyar is Garry McCoy’s private off-road training facility and is one of Australia’s largest motorcycle coaching and practice venues.  The 1800-acre property, 2.5 hours from Brisbane, features a natural terrain motocross track, speedway track, junior technical tracks and a fast and flowing flat track – all of which Garry has purposely designed for road racers to cross train on dirt.

Promotor of GP Juniors Australia, Mark Bracks is naturally excited at the prospect saying, “this is an excellent opportunity for GP Juniors Australia to work with Garry McCoy and opens an avenue that can benefit so many riders. I have been there a couple of times and it is a magnificent facility for riders of all levels and ages.”

“In his stellar 18-year racing career Garry won 125cc and 500cc Grands Prix as well as races in the Superbike World Championship. To have Garry passing on his skills and knowledge is invaluable” he said.

McCoy is equally pleased to welcome GP Juniors Australia to his Queensland training facility.  “When I was racing in Grand Prix’s I developed my own off-road tracks here for my off-season training. For road racers, the opportunity to cross train on dirt provides immense physical and mental benefits” McCoy said.

“Over recent years I’ve continued to develop my tracks and coaching venue here in Cooyar and I’m now thrilled to have this opportunity to work with Australia’s young talent and to share my tracks and experience with GP Juniors Australia” McCoy said.

For more information visit and

email: or or  phone 0488 257 188.